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W O R D S  of a  F A T H E R

A history of this production:


“Words of a Father”, was created as an audio story for a project created by SV2Productions and David Tankersley. Mr. Tankersley was so impressed by the quality of the story he told Lazarus Hawk to make it into a film. There were 3 attempts at creating a video form of the story but due to circumstances none were completed. Lazarus thought that it would never get made.


In 2008 Lazarus met Marcus Kent Hamson and was impressed with his passion. He asked Marcus if he was interested in making a movie. Marcus said, “YES!”


Several months later in January of 2009 principal photography of “Words of a Father” started. Shooting over 3 extremely cold weekends they got all the visuals they needed. It took another year to edit the film into what Lazarus had envisioned. In January of 2010, David Tankersley came into a studio and recorded the voiceover for the film. After realizing a large length disparity of the visuals and audio tracks, Lazarus and Marcus went back into the editing room and cut out nearly a third of the film to make the video length closer to the audio length.



In March of 2010 the film was shown to a by invitation only audience to get feedback. Those in attendance spoke highly of the film and no additional edits were made.The film was submitted to and accepted by Indie Memphis for the 2010 Film Festival.


It has been shown at selected screening hosted by Rising Fyre Productions over the past few years. Now for the first time the film is being made available to the public.


This is the second film produced from the writings of J. Lazarus Hawk and the first film for Director of Photography and Editor, Marcus Kent Hamson.

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