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Jamie Hall

Writer / Director


Jessie James Hall has always had a passion for all the arts, music, painting, sculptures and, above all, cinema and film.  As a child of only 10 he was placed behind the camera for the first time when his grandfather purchased a VHS home video camera.  Jamie found himself directing his action figures in various short films.


Mr. Hall's grandfather also influenced his artistic eye by introducing him to such greats as Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling and Vincent Price.  As Jamie grew older he discovered many more directors, such as Stanley Kubrick, The Cohen Brothers, Martin Scorsese, along with David and Jennifer Lynch who influenced his style even more. 


In his early 20's, Jamie abandoned film for a brief period to persue his love of playing East Coast hardcore and Punk style music.  He was a member of several local bands but ultimately film's siren song pulled him back behind the camera. 


Recording skate videos of himself and other friends only wet his appetite to direct films.  From there he started making short films starring close friends and family that would only prove to be learning tools for him.


He was approached by the Bravo Channel to flim a pilot for a reality television show, "The List".  He has worked with other networks, such as VH1 as Director of Photography for the Kita Williams reality show.  Jamie was hired by a Memphis area writer to be the Director of Photography on a project where he met his soon to be business partner, J. Lazarus Hawk.


In June, 2012, Jamie's production company, Film Warrior, teamed up with J. Lazarus Hawk under the Rising Fyre Productions name. Together Jamie and Lazarus have produced two short films, “Cold-Blooded” and “The Bag,” two music videos, “Listen to the Words” for Lila, and “Pillars of Salt” for Prey 4 Me. They also produced one production season’s worth of weekly web-based talk show episodes for the program entitled “In Frame.” They have also produced numerous other projects for corporations and other business entities, and are developing other in-house projects, including documentaries and feature films.

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